Thursday, August 04, 2005

When your enemy starts telling the truth... be very afraid.

That'll be the day.

Timed with the opening of a new terror franchise in Gaza, Al-Qaeda has begun publishing a glossy magazine called "The Tip of the Camel's Hump." This month's cover is--believe it or not--a picture of what looks like Jewish men praying at the Kotel. Though the cover story is written under a 'nom de guerre,' the author is widely believed to be Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, commander of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Translated excerpts of the article have been published as an exclusive on Debkafile.

Here are some major points. The comments in brackets are from the Debkafile editorial staff. When I imply that the enemy is speaking the truth, of course it's not all truth--there's a big whopping lie mixed in there. The big lie is in his conclusion: that G-d is finished with the Jews. But I have often found that the more evil a person becomes, the less he needs to lie about issues that to him have become incidental. See some examples below. I doubt if you'll be able to resist clicking the links for the entire piece.

"Allah decided to test the Jews when they were still an oppressed people. [Ed. In Pharaoh's Egypt]. He seeks to lead them to the path of faith and victory and therefore urges them to conquer the Land of Israel [acknowledging that Allah caused the Jews to return to and conquer the Land of Israel]. But the Jewish people's main weakness emerges at this early stage. Its shoulders are too feeble to carry the heavy burden; the Jews always aspire to victory, but they are not willing to devote the necessary effort, sacrifice or sweat to achieve this end."

"Throughout the generations it transpired that Jews, unlike Muslims, do not fear Allah and are incapable of understanding that the world’s moving force is fear of Allah, not of people. For example, they are even more afraid to fight for the Promised Land than they are of God. [Ed. This argument attempts to portray the Jews as cowards who are scared to fight for their paramount value, the Promised Land, and willing to give away parts in order to shirk war.]"


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